Shipping Costs

Postage and delivery charges Netherlands
Superwomanxxl charges € 5.00 delivery costs within the Netherlands; backorders  are free from delivery charges.
We don't charge delivery costs if the order is € 50 or more. 

Shipping cost for Great Britain is £ 14.90
The shipping cost is £ 14.90 regardless of the size and weight of your package. There is no extra charge if a single order results in subsequent deliveries.

Undeliverable parcels
If you have a parcel which is undeliverable you will always receive a reminder. If a courier is unable to deliver a parcel after a few attempts, it will be sent back to us. We will then apply a charge of £17.90 to cover the costs we have incurred in connection with the undeliverable parcel.

Postage and delivery charges Belgium
Superwomanxxl charges € 9.90 delivery costs within Belgium; for backorders no extra delivery costs will be charged.